Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Dolphin Boy' In The Works!

‘Dolphin Boy’ is a new children’s book written by Dennis Gelbaum (Something About Going Home and Beyond Reasonable Doubt). The book features include 3D pop-up illustrations, pages to color and an audio CD with sound effects and original music. The book will be accompanied by an interactive website where visitors can share stories about friendships - imaginary and real - and connect with others who have engaging stories to tell and share. The story will also be re-created as a web based series with flash animation and an original music score.

Readers have compared the story of ‘Dolphin Boy’ to the movies ‘Cocoon’ (Directed by Ron Howard, screenplay by Tom Benedek and story by David Saperstein) and ‘Splash’ (Directed by Ron Howard, screenplay by Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel and Bruce Jay Friedman, story by Brian Grazer and screenstory by Bruce Jay Friedman)

Check out the bok trailer for Something About Going Home at

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Billius said...

Mstr. Galbuam, I guess I don't need to say that I am VERY angry with you. You are pursuiting our projcet of Dolphins Boy witout me. This is NOT ok. I repete. NOT OK. We had a writtin arangemant to share in this project. You must think I will take this lie down. I WILN"T NOT. My lawyres of TOP DOG ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES INCORPORATED may be contacting you about copyright and stealing. You shuld knw better. In the meantime, let's discus s anothor project. It called HAMSTER MAN. Together I think we can work together to make HAMSTEr MAN a story of true greatness. Here is a short synopsis.

Hamster Man is born with hamster head but a man body. One day at the store or the bakery and he is made fun of for how he looks.

Instead of killing anyone he makes a stand to say no this ni sis NOT OK. He returns home to his wife Kangeroo;

But soon he realized he is dying of a rare disease. Will he make it to when he wants?

His parents visti but they dont knows wat to do. They give up on him and so does Kangroon wife. Everyone abandon him.

But finally it is the bakery store where he retrns to make peace with his death when behold a miracle. An actual ahamster give hims three wishes.

His first wish is a millon dollars. His second wish is never make fun of him again. And is his final numbr three wish is he says I wish to not be dying anymore.

A miracle is saves the day and he doesn not die. He is alive and rich and happy but without a family. A happy ending for all. The end.

So let's get talking about it. You can send me a chekc as soon as possible. You ow e me $133 dollars for the stories and for Dolphin Boys and Hanmstor Man. Let's go, Dannis. Are you a man or a coaward?

Billius Tyrone
CEO/Founder/Chairman of the Board/President