Friday, July 14, 2017

Septien Music Artists Blast Off To LA July 17th-21 For The Most Intensive Week Of The Year!

Linda Septien, WT Greer and seven of Septien's top music artists including Campbell Crates, Kristin Cruz, Sadie Evans, Mackenzie Haubner, Averie Kadane, Austin Kiefer and Jaxx Wyatt will be in LA meeting with reps from major record labels, publishers, music supervisors, entertainment law firms, ASCAP, BMI, YouTube, the Grammies, LiveWave, award winning producers and songwriters from APG and Warner and private auditions for American Idol. "Intensive Week" is part of Septien's music artist development program - are you ready?  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Septien Entertainment Group Helps Music Artists BLAST OFF on!

Established in 1986, more than 16,000 music artists have participated in programs at Septien Entertainment Group, the #1 music artist development center in the US. Alumni include Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Kidz Bop, Ryan Cabrera, Cameron, Mitchel, Hunter Parish and many others who have appeared on The Voice, America's Got Talent, American Idol, national and international tours, and have licensed their music in TV shows, feature films, documentaries, sport events, national commercials and more.

Septien Entertainment Group offers music artists personalized development programs that include vocals, instruments, stage presence, songwriting, song production, acting, photo shoots, video production, website, logo and merchandise design, social media management, show direction, booking and more.

Dennis Gelbaum, COO/CMO, Septien Entertainment Group adds, "Teaming up with connects us to music artists - worldwide - to help them refine their skills and define their brand. Once registered on, music artists will have access to exclusive promotions and offers. We've created  a series of programs unique to the music industry - focused on developing music artists to change the world. Nobody knows music artist development better than us - NOBODY!" is the dynamic kickstart website for aspiring music artists. Every budding artist needs a platform and an audience, but finding one in the competitive music landscape is probably more difficult today than ever. is where music artists can become featured, find a fan following and perhaps their next big break.

Blair Damson, CEO of shares, "Our Strategic Alliance with Septien Entertainment Group will provide our music artists an opportunity to work with the #1 music artist development center in the US, using exclusive programs to polish their existing talent, enhance their style and quite possibly launch a successful music career.”

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Dennis Gelbaum                             
The Septien Group                         


Blair Damson


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Meet The Next Generation Of Young Singers At Septien's "To Sing Is The Thing" 2017 Showcase.

"To Sing Is The Thing" will present 31 of the top singers from Septien Entertainment Group's Music Artist Development Programs.

This year's events, the most important talent showcases of the year for Septien artists, will take place at The House Of Blues/Dallas (2200 N. Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75202) in the Music Hall. Tickets are available online and/or at the box office, day of show. On June 11th, artists from (6-13 years old) and on June 25th, artists in the Ihmurzhun Program (14-18 years old) will be performing. Each artist will perform two songs. and will be judged by a jury including Linda Septien, WT Greer, Zakk Manzella and industry reps from major record labels, talent agencies, promoters, managers, music supervisors, producers and live entertainment/social media influencers.

Read The Press Release Here.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

This Outdoor Planter Will Change How You Grow Vegetables and Herbs Forever!

I am growing strawberries, beefsteak, cherry and roma tomatoes, jalapeƱo, habanero and bell peppers, basil and oregano in this outdoor, vertical hanging planter. It's so easy and the flavor of homegrown vegetables and herbs is far superior to anything you can purchase in a store. Fresh - I just go to my backyard and pick out what I want...something is always ready. This is a fantastic family project - plant, water, harvest, cook and eat! 

Fresh tomatoes and oregano on homemade pizza - amazing.  Fresh peppers in a salad - awesome. Fresh basil served over a BBQ'd steak or chicken (or in pasta) - simply irresistible! 

Each pocket, there are nine of them in the backyard/fence version, four of them in the balcony/terrace version - has a drain hole to prevent mold, mildew or root rot. You really can't over water. Just look at healthy my tomato plants are - unbelievable! 

Home growing will never be the same - NEVER! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Rapid Fire Program At Septien Entertainment Group - Carrollton, TX

"A week with Linda Septien, Dennis Gelbaum and the incredible team at Septien Entertainment Group." 
by Dana Hesse

This was an intensive week by all measures. We had very high expectations coming from Los Angeles. We never expected to have those expectations exceeded in every category. When you sign up for the Rapid Fire Program at Septien Entertainment Group, be prepared to work during this week. You will work, you will work hard and then you will do homework. This isn’t a week for the weak. 

The fabulous vocal instruction will take you into depths about your vocals that you have not been taught before, guaranteed. Breaking down the strengths and challenges. You are given instruction and “tools” to make your strengths stronger and to improve your challenges. 

If you are taking piano and songwriting be prepared to be amazed. The Piano instruction will build on your knowledge from classical to the nuances of any genre you can imagine and provide alternatives in your playing and writing that fill the music with an intensity you may have not explored, “the Wake-up Moments”. 

Songwriting goes beyond the VCVCBVC, they put it to a track and out the door you go. They teach you about songwriting production, how to produce an artist, not just a singer. Real musicians that can play every instrument and can sing guiding you with precision on songwriting elements to create a great arrangement with intention. 

Stage presence is taught from focus, your focus. “Where are your eyes?” Stage presence training is a precise science (a Septience) that will build on your confidence and give you greater arsenal to draw from to command the stage, to engage the audience. “Performing with Focus". 

Dennis Gelbaum, the new COO/CMO, is a wealth of information. His knowledge on all things social media and the strategies that he will provide to you to succeed are seriously priceless. He talks to you not from a corporate position but from one that truly cares for your development. 

The Social Media and branding component of this intensive week is beyond amazing. Dennis will help you understand and define your audience and he covers what defining and refining a brand means. He helps you with the consistent messaging and the importance of delivering that message across all platforms. You will learn more than you know today about Social Media and will learn how to execute. Which changes daily and has changed since I wrote this testimonial. The one thing you can count on is The Septien Group knows social media and is on top of this ever-changing landscape. 

Linda Septien is incredible. Her enthusiasm, kindness, knowledge, energy, drive and her complete honesty is an unusual trait found in this industry.  

There are so many components of being an artist that you explore in the Rapid Fire Artist Week. This was the best week of training in all the years of training our daughter has received. What you will walk away with is knowledge and knowledge is power. You will know your strengths and challenges. The truths will be revealed. This is an incredible program that will provide you with a blueprint to take you to the next level of your development."

Saturday, August 6, 2016

On Monday, August 1st, I started a new chapter in my life. I have joined Septien Entertainment Group as their COO/CMO. 

SEG (founded in 1986 by Linda Septien, the "Kingpin of Pop Talent) is the #1 performing artist/voice talent development company in the US. 
This year, SEG students (and our talent coaches) have played in more than 1000 gigs and SEG had more Grammy nominees than any major record label. 

We not only train and develop talent - more that 15000 students in 25+ years, we also book our talent worldwide for tours, festivals, fairs, private, fundraising and corporate events, and more. 

I'm focusing on refining Septien’s business operations to maximize efficiency, identifying industry trends, new revenue streams and increasing market share and profitability. 

I'm also focused on brand performance, social innovation and inbound digital marketing - promoting Septien’s artists and programs, (websites. multimedia content, branded merchandise, Ecommerce), creating unique partnerships and developing and implementing marketing, promotional, global event programs and managing media relations efforts.
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