Monday, April 20, 2009

Dennis Gelbaum Directs Promo for 'Mixed Messages' and Nintendo DSi

Wanna learn how to play 'Mixed Messages' for Nintendo DSi. Watch the video directed by Dennis Gelbaum (
'Mixed Messages' (created by Vicarious Visions) is a hilarious party game that puts a modern twist on the classic game of 'telephone'. One player (2-21 can play) writes a sentence, then another draws it, and then the next player writes a sentence based on that picture, and so on and so on and so on. You never know how mixed up it all gets or if it will make any sense at all - but that's the fun of playing 'Mixed Messages'.
The 2-minute promo was shot in HD on location in NYC.
Executive Producers: Vern Oakley & Dennis Gelbaum
Director: Dennis Gelbaum
Producer: Felicia Jamieson,
DP: Blake Eichenseer
2nd Cam: Daniel Watchulonis
Sound: Paul Cote
Make-Up: Nicole LeBris
Editor: Juliano Lutz
Casting: Judy Keller Casting Inc.
Cast: Courtney Bree, Karthryn Avery, Alex Odell, Christopher David & Jay Devore

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