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Hollywood PI - Dennis Gelbaum and Becky Altringer - Executive Producers

A new broadcast and web based series starring Becky Altringer.
Created by Becky Altringer with Dennis Gelbaum

Executive Producers:
Dennis Gelbaum, Becky Altringer

Co-Executive Producer - Eric Baron

Produced by ramp it up entertainment

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“Columbo" meets "Dog The Bounty Hunter". Becky “Hollywood P.I.” Altringer is a curious and quirky private investigator best known for her work in Kirby Dick’s “This Film Is Not Yet Rated”. She spends her days (and nights) driving around Southern California in her minivan trying to “catch the bad guys” and right the wrongs of the world. Taking on everything from pro-bono abuse cases to conspiracy cases by celebrities a’la Randy Quaid, you can be sure this Hollywood P.I. will NOT go quietly into the night.

Trapping thieves, catching stalkers, locating loved ones and even exposing the MPAA - it’s all in a days work for this female P.I. and her posse. Follow the real-life adventures of a woman who’ll stop at nothing - except maybe to feed a squirrel or pick up a stray dog – in her quest for justice. A survivor of incestual rape and a lifetime of abuse, Becky decided to spend her life fighting back and fighting for everyone else while she’s at it.

The premise of the show is simple; each week Becky will pick up a new case (carefully hand picked) and cameras will follow as she works the case. Each episode starts off with the alarm clock waking everyone in the house and ends with the family around the dining room table enjoying dinner - reflecting back on the day and the case.

With a P.I. apprentice to mentor, a lesbian life partner to take care of, her ex-con son, her school-teacher daughter and an 87-year-old Mamasita by her side, this Hollywood P.I. has her plate full! This is a family screaming out for their own reality series!

Between cases, we’ll follow Becky in her daily life. Not unlike “Little People Big World”, this is a show about an unconventional family and the life they’ve made for themselves. Becky volunteers at Peace Over Violence (an organization she holds near to her heart), she holds seminars for aspiring female P.I.’s, teaches local high school students about staying on the right side of the law and in her spare time uses her annual Disneyland pass to unwind at her favorite place. Whether she’s cracking a case, hanging out with her family or getting caught in the middle of a celebrity conspiracy, Hollywood P.I. is always an adventure!

She’s a bigger than life personality, with the ability to blend right in while investigating a case. “I even wear Disney clothes so that I look non-threatening! Nobody thinks twice about a women with Tinkerbell on her pocket” Becky doesn't look like a P.I. so she can go places where other people would get caught, "It's a great cover." Altringer says that in general, "someone like me who's meek and makes fun" can get people to open up where an intimidating man might fail. She plays dumb at times. But it's not always an act, she adds. "Sometimes," she admits, "I am a big dork." Can you imagine Philip Marlowe saying such a thing?

About Becky Altringer
Becky is a licensed private investigator and owner of a successful investigations firm, Ariel Investigations, Inc. in Southern California. She was recently featured as the prime investigator in the IFC documentary titled, "This Film Is Not Yet Rated," directed by the Oscar-nominated director, Kirby Dick and conducted the investigations in the newly released documentary, “Outrage.”

Becky has appeared in the following films: 'Outrage' – 2009 (Investigations - Magnolia Pitcures/Chaincamera), 'The Red Door' -2008 (Fabi - LomaLynda Productions) and 'This Film is Not Yet Rated' - 2006 (Herself - IFC/Chaincamera).

Becky has appeared in the following TV series: 'Undercover Investigation' - 2006, Teen Intervention/Herself, CBS/'Dr. Phil Show', 'Stalkarazzi' – 2008 - Herself/Assistant Producer, Hobnox, Inc. USA, 'Sex Offenders & Megan’s Law' – 2008, Herself - SBS Global

About Dennis Gelbaum
Dennis Gelbaum is an international award winning Producer, Director, Author ('Beyond Reasonable Doubt') and Inventor (The Buddy Light Illuminated Leash). He is the Founder/CEO, Executive Producer of ramp it up entertainment.

His recent work includes creating/producing the broadcast series, 'Rick Barry's Incredible Celebrity Fishing Adventures', creating/producing the broadcast and web based series, 'Rising Stars' - produced with Corey Rogers and Antoinette Bruno in association with - creating/producing the multi-media touring show, 'NAAME' - 'Native American Arts Music Experience', writer/director broadcast special and feature length documentary, 'Girls With Wings', directing promos to launch Guitar Hero 5 for Nintendo Wii, creating/co-directing ‘Get Fit With Alyson’, a web-based series sponsored by Nintendo, writing, producing and directing a fundraising and awareness film for Worldfund, writing/directing a multi-media campaign for Special Olympics to help erase the ‘R’ word, producing/writing a visually stunning and innovative commercial for Alize Bleu, directing a multi-media campaign for Bazooka Bubble Gum, producing an interactive multi-media show for BASF and executive producer/director for the feature length documentary, 'Corrosion of Conformity - Live Volume - The Movie'.

Dennis has worked with the biggest touring acts (and venues) in the world. He has worked with the major record labels, radio stations, AOL, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, FOX Sports, Music Choice, Miller Beer, BRAVO, UPN, WWE, AVON, VW, ESPN, A&E, AFL, USA Olympic Teams, Special Olympics, Professional and College Sports/Teams, Motor Sports, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (Titanic Exhibit) and many more.

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