Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fall In Love With America - Again

Updated Details About Our Adventure
'Fall In Love With America - Again' is a documentary style web and mobile based video/audio/multimedia series highlighting stories from across America - stories from small towns, communities, neighborhoods, streets, homes, rooms. It's all about what we think America is, who American's are, how we see ourselves, and how we
welcome the world to our home.

The project will include live webcam updates, producing a feature length documentary film, broadcast special, a picture book, photo series, book of short stories, the release of a new song and video about America (think 'We Are The World'.) live events, a multimedia interactive touring show/exhibit highlighting America, Americans, our/their stories, music, videos, photography, arts, fashion, food, history, culture, language, etc - video/audio/multimedia content produced by us and submitted by folks all across America, interactive websites and social networking sites/communities, etc.
We will promote a variety of contests and promotions to engage and interact with folks across America and it all starts in the heartland of America. Think about the great, inspiring and motivating stories folks will tell - stories that will motivate and inspire us.

Our adventure will take off September 2010 (with the launch of our websites, blog, video and audio channels) and the project will continue through the summer of 2011. We will have two crews starting off from the middle of America. One crew goes west, the other goes east. Our web sites/series - updated daily - will be fast paced - with montages cut to original music, short stories and highlights from our trip. Once a week we will feature a longer length story providing more details and background content.

We are looking for sponsors...and if your are interested in connecting with consumers/fans in a very real way - all across America - this is an opportunity for you to be part of something very special. Join us on our adventure.

Stay tuned for more details and breaking news!

Created by Evie Evangelou, Amber Roniger and Dennis Gelbaum, Executive Producers - Dennis Gelbaum & Evie Evangelou, Co-Executive Producer Amber Roniger
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