Friday, August 8, 2014

"Those who tell stories shape society" Plato

Dennis Gelbaum is an international award winning Creative Director, Producer, Director, Writer, Author and Inventor and is available for freelance writing and multimedia production assignments.

“It's a pleasure to brainstorm with Dennis, who understands the power of copy. He's a creative powerhouse. Just test him out. For example, tell him about a project you're working on and he'll return with multiple (and brilliant) solutions. And being a self-described copy-butcher, I admire his ability to use words so clearly and powerfully.”
Linda Gottfried, Chief Creative Officer, Color, Light & Shadow ”

Dennis is the author of the novel, ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’, a character driven, mystery-thriller with more twists and turns than a double helix and 'Something About Going Home', a book of original poetry with illustrations by Christina Qualiana – and is featured in 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading, by Danielle Hampson & Don McCauley. Dennis invented the Buddy Light Illuminated Safety Leash, one of the best selling pet products ever featured at The Sharper Image. And Dennis received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from American University and established the NAVARAC annual contribution providing students funds, services and resources to help them complete film/video/multi-media projects. “If you don’t pay it forward, what’s the point?”

Dennis has worked with clients all over the world, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to conceive and execute brand funded content and interactive branding experiences for two to hundreds of thousands of participants. Dennis has created, written, directed and/or produced hundreds of TV (received the Cannes Lion for a series of commercials for BBDO/Black & Decker) and radio commercials, print ads, billboards, promos, trailers, music videos, live multimedia interactive events (concerts, tours, festivals, meetings, product introductions, in-store promotions and museum exhibits), corporate awareness and fundraising films/videos and hours of long & short form programming and content for theatrical release, broadcast, web and mobile. “I’ve often been described as being an innovator, out of the box thinker, superior leader and manager. (LOL) I am all those things as well as being fearless when it comes to creating, presenting, selling, planning and executing. I re-imagined the box and now there isn’t one!”

“Dennis is a creative and business strategist who gets things done! I brought Tha Heights (the Latino Boys Group out of Washington Heights, NY) to Dennis and almost immediately, he put them together with Bazooka Bubble Gum and their advertising agency and created a multimedia campaign to feature the guys in five TV commercials, a music video and exclusive web content. Dennis directed the five TV spots and co-directed the music video - which has more than 3.5 million views to date! Dennis just sees things differently than most - and when he says he will do something - he does it and the results are always fantastic!”  Patricia Taylor, CEO, Offbeat Entertainment

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