Saturday, May 13, 2017

This Outdoor Planter Will Change How You Grow Vegetables and Herbs Forever!

I am growing strawberries, beefsteak, cherry and roma tomatoes, jalapeño, habanero and bell peppers, basil and oregano in this outdoor, vertical hanging planter. It's so easy and the flavor of homegrown vegetables and herbs is far superior to anything you can purchase in a store. Fresh - I just go to my backyard and pick out what I want...something is always ready. This is a fantastic family project - plant, water, harvest, cook and eat! 

Fresh tomatoes and oregano on homemade pizza - amazing.  Fresh peppers in a salad - awesome. Fresh basil served over a BBQ'd steak or chicken (or in pasta) - simply irresistible! 

Each pocket, there are nine of them in the backyard/fence version, four of them in the balcony/terrace version - has a drain hole to prevent mold, mildew or root rot. You really can't over water. Just look at healthy my tomato plants are - unbelievable! 

Home growing will never be the same - NEVER! 

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